Polartec Seeks Bluesign® Certification

Polartec LLC, the Lawrence, Mass.-based manufacturer of Polartec® performance fabrics for consumer
and military apparel, has contracted with Switzerland-based bluesign technologies ag to conduct an
evaluation of Polartec’s manufacturing processes and products with the aim of earning certification
of compliance with bluesign’s environmental, health and safety standards developed for the textile

“We are very pleased to begin the bluesign® process,” said Andy Vecchione, president,
Polartec. “While we are confident that our state-of-the-industry facilities will meet or exceed
bluesign standards, we look forward to its feedback and the opportunity to continually raise the

Under bluesign’s third-party screening process, Polartec’s manufacturing facilities will be
evaluated with regard to air and water emissions, resource productivity, occupational health and
safety, and consumer safety. As part of the evaluation, bluesign also will make resource and
cost-saving recommendations based on “Best Available Technology.”

“It is our vision to assist textile manufacturers to deliver high performance textiles to the
market at low environmental impact, all while minimizing resource consumption,” said Peter Waeber,
CEO, bluesign technologies. “Polartec already embodies this approach with safety and environmental
standards, making us natural partners.”

Polartec’s efforts to operate in an environmentally sustainable manner include an
Eco-Engineering program to reduce the environmental effects of its operation and an increasing use
of recycled raw materials in its products. In 2008, the company will offer a minimum of 50-percent
recycled content in more than 20 percent of its fabrics.

March 25, 2008