Kuraray Adds Vectran® Fiber Capacity

Tokyo-based based Kuraray Co. Ltd., manufacturer of Vectran® multifilament yarn spun from liquid
crystal polymer, is increasing Vectran fiber production by 40 percent to 1,000 tons per year. The
company announced it has completed an expansion project at its manufacturing plant in Saijo, Japan,
and will bring additional capacity online at its Fort Mill, S.C. manufacturing facility in May.

According to the company, Vectran fiber is suitable for performance and safety applications
where strength, durability and dimensional stability are important. Kuraray supplies the fiber to a
wide variety of manufacturing segments including aerospace, military, industrial, rope and cable,
and composites for such end-uses as NASA space systems, inflatable wind-turbine generators and
helicopter slings.

“We manufacture a very unique fiber whose combination of properties meets demanding
performance requirements where other fibers fail,” said Dr. Elizabeth G. Stoner, general manager,
Vectran Division. “We see many opportunities to expand the use of Vectran fiber. We are growing
rapidly and this capacity expansion is enabling us to better service our customers globally.”

February 26, 2008