Glen Raven Distribution Group Offers Hurricane Protective Panels Made With Spectra®

Glen Raven Distribution Group, Glen Raven, N.C., now offers Storm-A-Rest™ window and door panels to
protect homes from hurricane damage. Manufactured by Spring Hope, N.C.-based armor and
high-performance fabric specialists JHRG LLC, the panels are made with Supreme Protector® fabric
with Spectra® ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethylene fiber from Morristown, N.J.-based Honeywell
Specialty Materials. The Supreme Protector fabric has been certified under Florida Building Code
FL8442 to meet or exceed large-missile-impact D and 155+-mile-per-hour wind specifications for Wind
Zone 4 — comprising the area within one mile of Florida’s coastline, where an estimated 7.3 million
homes are located.

“Florida has adopted some of the country’s toughest building codes following [Category 5]
Hurricane Andrew in 1992,” said Joe Gelo, business director, Advanced Fibers and Composites,
Honeywell. “This application demonstrates yet another example of how Spectra fiber’s strength can
help end-use products perform in harsh environments.”

In addition to having a strength-to-weight ratio 15 times greater than that of steel, the
lightweight panels allow 76 percent of daylight to pass through — an advantage over competitive
products in the event of power outages — and also prevent wind-driven rain from passing through.
According to Glen Raven, the made-to-order panels are easy to install using standard tools and
Tapcon or Sammy fasteners in brick, concrete or wood; and are easily removed for storage during
fair-weather months. They also are trimmed with a choice of Glen Raven Technical Fabrics LLC’s
Sunbrella® fabrics.

February 19, 2008