Avago Technologies Launches AEDS-9240 Optical Encoder

Avago Technologies, a San José, Calif.-based provider of analog interface components for consumer,
industrial and communications applications, has introduced the AEDS-9240 series of six-channel
optical encoder modules — extended-operating-temperature incremental encoders suitable for use in
applications that require resolutions from 360 to cycles per revolution. Such applications may
include textile machinery, industrial printers, industrial and factory automation equipment, tape
drives, plotters and other servo-motor applications that use brushless DC motors.

According to the company, the new modules provide advanced motion control detection with
integrated commutation outputs equivalent to those delivered by Hall switches, enabling reduction
of production costs, and enhancement of efficiencies and reliability. The module also is designed
with two-channel quadrature outputs and a third-channel ungated index output. Each module comprises
a lensed light-emitting diode source and a detector integrated circuit contained in a small plastic
package. The company says the module’s highly collimated light source and photo detector array
assure its function even when its mounting is misaligned.

February 26, 2008