NanoHorizons, Piedmont Chemical Enter Product Development Partnership

State College, Pa.-based NanoHorizons Inc. has partnered with High Point, N.C.-based Piedmont
Chemical Industries Inc. in a deal to develop antimicrobial/moisture-management/ultra
violet-resistant additives for cotton, nylon and polyester.

NanoHorizons — a manufacturer of antimicrobial performance additives for natural and man-made
fibers and fabrics — will provide its SmartSilver™ antimicrobial and anti-odor additive to Piedmont
— a specialty chemicals manufacturer —  for incorporation into a new water-based
moisture-management compound that can be applied to cotton, nylon and polyester fabrics during the
finishing process using standard equipment.

“We are very pleased to partner with Piedmont,” said Dr. Dan Hayes, director of operations at
NanoHorizons. “Their proven excellence in textile chemistry will ensure that the SmartSilver
performance benefits are maximized. Plus, their worldwide sales organization will guarantee that
the global textile market has full access to these remarkable new products.”

The companies also plan to develop an additive for man-made fiber extrusion. Piedmont
Chemical plans to market the additives as stand-alone products and in conjunction with commercial
surface fluid technologies, such as soil release, hydrophilic moisture management and wicking, and
fluid and soil repellency, according to Emil Delgado, vice president and COO, Piedmont Chemical.

Delgado added that alongside antimicrobial additives from NanoHorizons, these technologies “
will serve such critical markets as medical environments, hospitals and medical offices. Next, is
the high activity athletic and outdoor textile products followed with commercial and residential
home furnishings.”

Several products for a range of textile-product applications will be launched in the first
quarter of this year.

January 22, 2008