Global Denim Event Offered Presentations, Exhibition

Cotton Incorporated, Cary, N.C., and Cotton Council International, Washington, recently sponsored
the Cotton Incorporated Global Denim Event 2007 at the Regent Shanghai hotel in Shanghai. More than
200 guests, including textile company and denim brand representatives from companies in the United
States, South America, China, Germany and Italy, attended the event.

“Cotton Incorporated has been hosting international cotton denim events since the mid-1980s,”
said J. Berrye Worsham, president and CEO, Cotton Incorporated. “This year, Cotton Incorporated has
partnered with Cotton Council International to create this important global event. By expanding
this event internationally, we recognize the ever-changing and expanding landscape of textile

Xu Wenying, president, China Cotton Textile Association, and Dr. Li Yi, a professor at Hong
Kong Polytechnic University, kicked off the event with a discussion titled “Expanding Your Denim
Business,” in which other members of the denim textile and apparel industries shared their views on
the development of the denim market. Additional presentation topics included insights into key
denim markets around the world, denim innovations, sustainability strategies related to denim’s
environmental footprint and global market perspectives.

The World of Denim exhibition presented denim innovations and technologies including Cotton
Incorporated’s Storm Denim™ — a technology that combines wind-resistance and water repellency with
cotton’s breathability — and Stay True Cotton™ — a technology that helps indigo-tinted and dyed
denim retain its original color longer.

December 4, 2007