Textil Rossignolo Continues Upgrade With New Trützschler Cards

Textil Rossignolo Ltda, a Brazil-based cotton yarn supplier that specializes in production of Ne 8
denim yarns, has installed six new TC 03 cards from Germany-based Trützschler GmbH & Co. KG.
The installation is part of a company restructuring that began in 2003.

The new cards, which achieve outputs of between 165 and 180 kilograms per hour (kg/h) each,
were installed on one of Rossignolo’s two Trützschler blowroom lines, and replace eight DK 903
cards installed in 2004 that achieved outputs between 120 and 140 kg/h. The TC 03 cards feed
directly into six Schlafhorst Autocoros, having 360 rotors each.

Rossignolo expects to continue its restructuring with installation of a new Trützschler
Wasteomat fiber waste recovery installation unit that will enable blowroom and card waste to be
recovered and introduced back into the line.

November 27, 2007