Duro Textiles Launches Defense™ Protective Solutions

Fall River, Mass.-based Duro Textiles LLC, a provider of technical textile and sourcing solutions
to a range of industries, has launched the Defense™ line of protective fabric solutions for indoor,
outdoor, commercial and residential applications.

The new line consists of: Solar Defense, which imparts resistance of up to 2,000 hours to sun
exposure, depending on color, to printed fabrics; Nano Defense, which provides water repellency and
stain repellency from foods and beverages; Wear Defense, which provides optimal abrasion
resistance; Mildew Defense, which eliminates odors and provides resistance to mildew, bacterial and
fungal growth; and Breach Defense, which prevents liquids from penetrating fabrics.

The Defense product line utilizes a range of proprietary processes and techniques to achieve
their unique properties. Each product can be used alone or in combination with other Defense
products via a layering process. Duro Textiles combines all five solutions in its Ultimate Defense
product. The new solutions do not negatively affect industry fire-resistance tests for upholstery
and are safe for pets and families, according to Duro Textiles.

November 27, 2007