ASFI Relocates To Meet Customer Demand

In order to accommodate increased customer demand for tensioned fabric structures, American
Spaceframe Fabricators International (ASFI) LLC has relocated from Crystal River, Fla., to Ocala,
Fla. The 120,000-square-foot (ft2) headquarters in Ocala will serve as home to all of the company’s
operations and 55 employees.

ASFI received assistance for its relocation in the form of an $115,000 grant from the City of
Ocala’s Economic Improvement Fund, which the company used to purchase machinery for the new

The company began relocating in June, and last week held a grand opening ceremony to
celebrate completion of the transition. Approximately 40 people — including members of the Ocala
Chamber of Commerce, the Ocala Marion County Economic Development Council, clients, vendors and
media — attended the event, which included speeches by company and local government
representatives, among other activities.

“Although tensioned fabric structures have been around for decades, recent advances in
technology combined with flexibility and cost effectiveness of these structures has led to a
significant increase in both the size and number of projects being developed,” said Craig Anderson,
president and CEO, ASFI. “As architects and businesses become more aware of the possibilities that
exist with fabric structures, demand will continue to grow. The new facility will enable us to grow
our business and take on more complex and larger projects.”

Current ASFI projects include the design and manufacture of a 60,000-ft2 covered seating
structure at the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra’s new amphitheatre; a temporary aircraft canopy for
Lockheed Martin that will serve as a portable hanger for stealth fighter jets; a 400,000 ft2
worship and meeting center in Puerto Rico for La Carpa, an international religious and peace
organization; and an indoor soccer facility to be installed in Northern Siberia.

November 13, 2007