Nordson Launches New Coating Software

Westlake, Ohio-based Nordson Corp., a manufacturer of precision dispensing equipment and
technologies, has developed nVision™ Tools, a set of interactive computer modeling tools that help
coaters assess solutions for liquid and powder line coating systems.

The new set of tools is capable of analyzing more than 30 different variables for liquid and
powder coating applications that can then be used to provide options for further analysis for
upgrading or converting to a certain finishing method. Calculations are available in English and
metric units, and for multiple currencies.

“The effect of any variable on the overall profitability can be tested and evaluated,” said
Ken Kreeger, director, business development worldwide, Industrial Coating Systems, Nordson. “
Detailed ‘what-if’ scenarios allow for various data so users can input what they know in the most
convenient format to help them make educated decisions.”

October 23, 2007