Veritas Incorporates Fortron® Yarn Into Automotive Hoses

In an effort to better meet performance demands of charge-air lines in diesel engine turbochargers,
Germany-based rubber manufacturer Veritas AG has developed an elastomeric hose that incorporates a
knitted fabric made of Fortron® polyphenylene sulfide (PPS) multifilament yarn. Manufactured by
Fortron Industries LLC, the yarn offers increased strength and flexibility that enables the hoses
to withstand high temperature, pressure and vibration.

“The charge-air line must withstand pressure, heat and such aggressive media as oil,
lubricants and fuel for the life of the car,” said Peter Kahn, development engineer at Veritas. “
Although engine torque has risen dramatically in recent years, engine mountings are being designed
increasingly ‘soft’ to provide for passenger comfort. This places added stress on other components,
such as the charge-air line, which must absorb up to 3 centimeters of inherent vibration. The PPS
yarn has the strength, extensibility and thermal ability to handle the high internal pressures and
temperatures of this application.”

September 18, 2007