Unifi To Take Charges, Write-Down In Fourth Quarter 2007

Unifi Inc., a Greensboro, N.C.-based
manufacturer of nylon and polyester textured yarns and associated raw materials, has determined
that the current $137 million carrying value of its investment in its Gastonia, N.C.-based Parkdale
America LLC (PAL) joint venture with Parkdale Mills exceeds its fair value, according to a recent
filing by Unifi with the Securities and Exchange Commission. PAL manufactures man-made and cotton
yarns for the apparel and textile industries and currently operates 12 production facilities mainly
in North Carolina. Because of this excess, Unifi expects to take a pre-tax impairment charge in the
fourth quarter 2007 of between $71 million and $86 million. The company estimates that the new
carrying value will be between $51 million and $66 million.

In addition, Unifi reported it will take a pre-tax bad debt charge of $3.2 million in fourth
quarter 2007 as a result of net receivables worth the same amount owed to it by Fall River,
Mass.-based Quaker Fabrics Corp., which recently announced it will likely liquidate and sell its
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Textile World News,” www.
TextileWorld.com, July 3, 2007)
. Unifi also expects to write down $0.3
million of inventory that it manufactured for Quaker that cannot be sold to other Unifi

July 17, 2007