Korteks Introduces Polyester Yarns

Turkey-based Korteks A.S. Yarn Plant,
a manufacturer of polyester yarns that supplies 70 percent of its total production to the domestic
market, has introduced four yarns targeted to a number of end-uses.

Taç Antimicrobial, which has been certified by an independent laboratory to be effective
against bacteria, fungus and molds, has been developed for hospitals and hotels, among other living
spaces where high-microbe content is likely. Taç Comfort micro yarns are quick-drying and
breathable, and are suitable for upholstery and home textiles. Taç Cottonlike has a soft hand and
keeps the body cool and comfortable. Taç Micromuss features a high level of stretch and is suitable
for the seamless clothing sector.

“Our products are no longer used only in curtains or in upholstery fabrics,” said Necat
Altin, general manager. “They are used in your cars, breathable bed sheets, towels, carpets,
medical textiles, packaging of foodstuffs thanks to our ‘Food Contact Approval’ certification, or
in your baby’s clothing in Ekotex Class 1 standard. Our efforts are geared towards adding
properties to our yarns, which address the end-users; in doing this, we target to achieve reduced
use of chemicals utilized to add these properties in subsequent processes. This is a matter we have
been putting much emphasis on for many years as evidenced in our production of environmentally
friendly products to stand against environmental pollution.”

July 17, 2007