Heberlein Becomes Fibrevision Vendor

Heberlein® Fiber Technology Inc.,
Switzerland, is now responsible for the sales and support of a range of Fibrevision products in
half of the world markets, including all Eastern and Western European countries, excluding Italy
and Germany.

The new arrangement comes as a result of Saurer AG’s and Heberlein Fiber Technology Inc.’s
close cooperation following Switzerland-based Saurer’s investment in England-based Fibrevision and
purchase of Heberlein in 2005.

Heberlein will handle the following Fibrevision products: microscan at line quality control
equipment; and FibreTQS online monitoring for partially oriented yarn and friction-textured yarn,
draw-textured yarn, air-textured yarn and air covering.

Heberlein will continue to offer Fraytec monitoring for technical yarns. It has discontinued
the development of Viscotec monitoring for air-textured yarns.

Fibrevision initially will continue to handle the sale of FibreTQS for technical yarns and
other specialty products.

April 24, 2007