DHL Opens Gateway In Merida Mexico

San Francisco-based DHL, a global
express and logistics industry solutions provider, has opened an international gateway in Merida,
Mexico, that will enable the company to increase its handling capacity by more than 87 percent
regionally, allowing the transport of more than 38,000 additional shipments annually.

The new gateway, part of the company’s strategic development plan for Mexico’s Southeastern
Region, provides US and Mexican businesses with a facility for the transshipment of goods across
the US-Mexico border. It has been authorized by the Mexican government to operate as a customs
facility for consolidation of area imports and exports.

Regional customers will no longer have to process shipments in Mexico City. DHL reports that
the facility will reduce average international delivery service times to the cities of Merida,
Cancun, Ciudad del Carmen and Campeche from two days to one.

April 3, 2007