TenCate, FieldTurf Tarkett Enter Alliance

The Netherlands-based TenCate — a global manufacturer of such technical textiles as synthetic
grass, protective fabrics and geosynthetics, among others — has formed an alliance with
Montreal-based FieldTurf Tarkett, a manufacturer of synthetic turf systems for sport applications.

As part of the agreement TenCate will supply TenCate Thiolon® monofilament and fibrillated
fibers and backing to FieldTurf Tarkett, as well as other sub-base and infill products that can be
used in the FieldTurf® patented surface system.

“This alliance with FieldTurf Tarkett allows us to share knowledge and speed the development
of new technology for the marketplace,” said Heard Smith, group director, TenCate Grass. “The
information transfer between our organizations is already showing results with product improvements
and even better customer service.”

January 16, 2007