Optimer, Safety Systems Partner To Develop FR Version Of Dri-release®

Optimer Performance Fibers,
Wilmington, Del., has developed a version of its dri-release® hydrophobic/hydrophilic
moisture-management fiber-blend technology for a fabric that includes hydrophobic, inherently
flame-resistant (FR) modacrylic and hydrophilic viscose. The new technology is offered exclusively
by Safety Systems Corp. — a Roselle, Ill.-based provider of tactical equipment to military,
fire-services, law-enforcement and industrial markets — in its driFIRE™ performancewear line of
silk-weight short- and long-sleeved T-shirts, boxers and a long pant. Incorporated into fabrics
knitted by Cleveland, Tenn.-based United Knitting, the new blend is a comfortable, lightweight,
non-melting, moisture-wicking and fast-drying fabric solution for use by military and public safety
personnel who might be exposed to flash fires caused by explosive devices or other such sources.

Safety Solutions contacted Beth Moore, managing director of operations, Optimer, in its
search for a solution to problems presented by polyester-based moisture-wicking fabrics, which
could melt and fuse to the skin when subjected to the sudden extreme heat and flames caused when an
explosive device is detonated — causing more serious injury than would occur otherwise. Because of
this hazard, the US Marine Corps earlier this year had prohibited wearing of polyester and
nylon-based performance clothing outside forward operating bases and camps in Iraq.

“It took two years in development, but the result is everything that Safety Systems asked
for,” Moore said. “In addition to its typical moisture-management capabilities, the new dri-release
FR version is not only self-extinguishing, it quickly turns to ash and most definitely, does not
melt or drip.”

The new driFIRE products also include FreshGuard®, Optimer’s environmentally friendly
odor-neutralizing technology, which is added to all dri-release fabrics.

Safety Systems also will introduce mid- and heavyweight undergarments as well as a fleece
vest, jacket and hat in Spring 2007.

December 5, 2006