ATHM Plans Exhibit Revamp

The American Textile History Museum
(ATHM), Lowell, Mass., has unveiled plans for the redesign of its “Textiles in America” core
exhibition. The revamped exhibition will include an introductory video and interactive-enhanced
exhibits spanning textile history from pre-industrial to 21st century state-of-the-industry

Pre-industrial exhibits will include fiber processing, early tool and machinery
demonstrations, a flock of sheep, a cotton field and a general store. Visitors will be able to pet
the sheep, walk through the cotton field and observe the bartering system used to trade goods in
the store.

A technology room in the industrial area will include demonstrations of spinning, knitting
and weaving machinery; and a 1920s- to ‘30s-era tenement house display will show the home life of
mill workers during that time.

New fibers and textiles will be featured in the section depicting the 20th and 21st century
textile industry. Applications illustrated will include apparel, automotive, fire-protective,
geotextiles, home furnishing, industrial, medical, military, space and sports, among others.
Visitors will be able to compare a contemporary lightweight parachute with the heavier parachutes
of the World War II era. Also on display will be a cross-section of an automobile showing all the
various textiles used today in its manufacture.

Construction of the new exhibits is expected to begin in mid-2007. The museum has invited
the public to submit exhibit ideas by e-mail to

October 3, 2006