Tuscarora Yarns Launches Cotton Supima Yarns

Tuscarora Yarns Inc., Mount Pleasant, N.C., has unveiled its line of 100-percent cotton Supima
heather and melange yarns, available in count ranges from 4/1 to 40/1 Ne and in a wide variety of

According to Ron Comer, director of marketing and Latin America sales, the Supima line is in
response to growing demand for increasingly luxurious products. “With our current facilities, we
have the flexibility and capability to adapt to these changes and demands,” Comer added. “It is
this type of service that has allowed Tuscarora to be successful in what we do. Our forward
thinking and innovative steps are allowing us to expand our production facilities.”

Having just added new spinning equipment to its facilities, the specialty yarn spinner soon
will install Zinser ring-spinning frames from Charlotte-based Saurer Inc. in an effort to expand
its ring-spinning capacities. Tuscarora is the largest spinner in the United States and the only
licensed spinner of Supima heather and melange yarns in the United States and the Central
America-Dominican Republic Free Trade Agreement and North America Free Trade Agreement regions, the
company reports.

September 26, 2006