TenCate, Greenfields To Develop Next-Generation Artificial Grass

Royal Ten Cate NV and GreenFields®
BV, both based in The Netherlands, have agreed to jointly create a fourth-generation artificial
grass system. Under the cooperation, TenCate will acquire GreenFields’ patent for the technology,
leveraging its global patent position; will sell for an undisclosed amount an 80-percent share in
its Landscape Solutions BV subsidiary to GreenFields, which will produce Royal Grass® artificial
grass; and will continue to supply the fiber and backing for that brand.

Unlike today’s artificial turf systems, which contain separate fiber, backing, infill and
sub-base components, the new system — which is based on TenCate products and has yet to be
developed — will be integrated and will not require infill to ensure shock absorbency. TenCate
reports the cooperation’s objectives include enhancing speed to market through joint research and
development initiatives, and lowering the total system cost.

According to Loek de Vries, CEO, TenCate, the partnership and patent acquisition will
enhance the company’s competitive position. “This cooperation represents a major step in the
implementation of our strategic concept,” which includes end-user marketing of the company’s
components through top-quality partners, he added. TenCate is seeking other strategic or commercial
partners, which endorse the strategic concept, for the new system.

Other elements of the company’s strategic concept include: making available a wide range of
cost-effective artificial grass systems with specific end-uses in mind; procuring partnerships
throughout the supply chain; excluding any raw materials that are harmful to the environment or
users; systematic development of safe artificial turf sports fields with consistent quality
throughout their economic lifespan; and end-user marketing, either directly or through commercial

In related news, TenCate recently announced it would expand production capacity of Thiolon®
Infill Pro, an environmentally friendly infill.

September 26, 2006