Picanol Launches OMNIjet

Belgium-based Picanol NV has
introduced the OMNIjet, a value-added air-jet weaving machine based on OMNIplus 800 technology.
According to the company, the low-built, ergonomically and modularly designed OMNIjet is
user-friendly, enabling high-speed weaving of high-quality fabrics at the lowest possible cost.

Features include: optimized insertion preparation for two or four colors or yarn types;
liquid crystal display and push buttons for setting of all main machine functions; reed width of
150, 190 or 230 centimeters; high-performance filling insertion with reduced air consumption;
electronic take-up and let-off, both driven by independent servomotors; energy-efficient Sumo main
motor with direct machine drive; fast warp gaiting and cloth doffing; rotary selvage units; and
easing motion; among other features. The company reports the machine’s modular concept enables a
minimal initial investment cost that allows future adaptations as needed. In addition, the OMNIjet
is the only weaving machine in its class to offer Autospeed, made possible by the integration of
electronic insertion controls with the Sumo-drive, according to Picanol.

June 6, 2006