Invista Adds Nylon Capacity In Canada

Invista, Wichita, Kan., has added 5
kilotons of capacity at its plant in Canada, which produces nylon 6,6 yarns for airbags and other
industrial applications. The company reports the Kingston, Ontario, plant’s capacity increase is in
response to the North American automotive industry’s growing need for super-high-tenacity,
low-decitex-per-filament yarns for protective airbags, especially side airbags.

“This investment represents another significant step in the evolution and global growth of
our airbag business,” said Jeff Brown, airbag business director, Invista. “I am delighted to be
able to celebrate our project team’s success and congratulate the Kingston operations team, which
continues to demonstrate its commitment to achieving the goals of our business.”

The plant began producing first-grade material within 36 hours of start-up, which occurred
10 days ahead of schedule.

June 13, 2006