GretagMacbeth Launches Color I7 Spectrophotometer

GretagMacbeth — part of
Switzerland-based Amazys Holding AG and an enterprise color-management solutions provider with
offices in the Americas, Europe and Asia — now offers the Color i®7 fully automated
spectrophotometer with a unique embedded profiling function to enable accurate digital color
control in textile and apparel, furniture, automobile interiors and other applications.

According to the company, Color i7 ensures color consistency in product or product component
design, specification and manufacture; and its unique self-diagnostic function reduces production
errors and slowdowns, thus speeding up time-to-market. In addition, its open technology is
integrated easily with most digital workflow systems, GretagMacbeth reports.

“… [T]he more complex and global the supply chain becomes, the more difficult it can be to
control color,” said Jan-Paul van Maaren, vice president and general manager, Color and Appearance,
GretagMacbeth, noting the importance of color as an indicator of quality and driver of product
sales. “The Color i7 system helps companies to digitize color in their workflow so they can more
easily, reliably and cost-effectively manage their suppliers and factories the world over.”

Functions include a periodic prompt for the operator to verify performance, enabling quick
onsite correction of any color drift using the company’s NetProfiler® Internet-based software. The
instrument also creates a digital signature with each color measurement. It can be used in
conjunction with GretagMcbeth’s Color i®Match and Color i®QC software, and can be programmed to
adjust for job-specific variables.

June 20, 2006