Suessen Delivers 1.5 Millionth EliTe® Compact Spindle

Germany-based Spindelfabrik Suessen
GmbH has sold the 1.5 millionth EliTe®Compact Spindle to India-based Super Spinning Mills Ltd.
(SSML), which counts 50,000 such spindles and 12,000 EliTwist®Compact Spindles among its total
capacity of more than 150,000 ring spindles. The landmark spindle will be installed on a Lakshmi
G5/1 ring-spinning frame.

SSML, part of the Sara Elgi Group, operates four divisions: Agriculture, Spinning, Weaving
and Garments. The three units comprising the Spinning Division produce carded and combed cotton
weaving and knitting yarns ranging from Ne 6 to Ne 140 using a range of spinning processes
including compact single, core spun, EliTwist and fancy. The company also spins organic cotton on
Suessen’s EliTeCompactSet system.

Suessen has sold 500,000 EliTeCompact Spindles since late 2005. The company introduced the
spindles at ITMA ’99 in Paris.

May 9, 2006