Hayes Seeks To Expand Buy America Law

Robin Hayes, R-N.C., has introduced
legislation that will require the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to procure items directly
related to security from domestic manufacturers. Under the so-called Berry Amendment, the
Department of Defense (DOD) and the Coast Guard already are required to do so to the extent
domestic manufacturers can meet their needs.

In introducing the new measure, Hayes said: “Expanding our ‘Buy America’ rules to DHS is a
matter of matter of national security. Currently, the Berry Amendment seeks to guarantee the United
States military has a ready mobilization base of US manufacturers — a critical national security
requirement. I believe it is imperative that we expand this requirement to include the Department
of Homeland Security for the same reasons.”

For years, Hayes, along with other textile state representatives and senators, has been
instrumental in getting the DOD “Buy America” provisions through Congress, something that has been
of considerable benefit to domestic textile and apparel manufacturers.

March 14, 2006