The Arlington, Va.-based Uniform
& Textile Service Association (UTSA) and Alexandria, Va.-based Textile Rental Services
Association of America (TRSA) will consolidate into one national association representing the
entire textile services industry at the beginning of next year.

The change, which was approved by each group’s membership and Board of Directors, was deemed
critical for the industry’s future success and will unify the organizations’ efforts and resources,
said James Buik, chairman, UTSA. Buik will become the new association’s first chairman.

TRSA Chairman Michael Potack, who will become the new organization’s vice chairman, added
the merger would strengthen the industry’s position in Washington.

Buik and Potack will lead the new organization’s Executive Committee — the core of the Board
of Directors, which also will include Kevin Crotty, secretary; Douglas “Woody” Ostrow, treasurer;
and Stephen Donly. The board, which also will comprise six representatives from UTSA and TRSA, will
decide on a name for the new association, which will be headquartered in the offices of TRSA.

As of

Textile World
’s press time, the Executive Committee was conducting a search for the association’s first
president and CEO, hoping to come to a final decision by December 1.

November/December 2005