US Commerce Department Aids Hosiery Exporters

The US Department of Commerce’s (DOC’s
) International Trade Administration recently awarded $397,000 to the Hosiery Technology Center
(HTC), Hickory, N.C., to help US hosiery firms export to Japan and other global markets. As part of
the partnership, HTC will introduce US hosiery producers to Japan’s retail market via a marketing
campaign and trade missions, along with similar activities in Singapore, eastern Europe and
Scandinavia. Additionally, HTC will assist US firms with facets of exporting, introducing
innovative hosiery products, and testing and certifying product quality.

“This partnership reflects our commitment to opening new markets, developing better American
jobs and creating an environment for businesses to innovate, compete and prosper,” said James C.
Leonard III, deputy assistant secretary of commerce for textiles and apparel.

The DOC’s Market Development Cooperator Program provided financial and technical assistance
to HTC. As part of the project, the department also partnered with Washington- and Japan-based
industry experts, four US Export Assistance Centers and other commerce and trade organizations.

November/December 2005