NYC Art Project Uses Fabric Woven On Dornier Machines

The Gates, a temporary art installation by renowned artists Christo and Jean-Claude, was set up in
New York City’s Central Park earlier this year. The piece consisted of 7,503 rectangular
saffron-colored recyclable nylon fabric panel-covered arches installed in long rows over walkways
and footpaths.

The panels were woven on a 360-centimeter-wide PTV-type weaving machine from Germany-based
Lindauer Dornier GmbH. The PTV model was the only machine capable of producing the panels because
it features rigid rapiers and positively controlled center transfer, which reliably produces such
high-strength fabrics, according to Dornier.

J. Schilgen GmbH and Co. KG, a Germany-based developer and producer of technical fabrics, and
processor of natural and man-made yarns, delivered the panels.

The project remained in the park for 16 days. After its removal, the materials, including
116,389 miles of nylon thread woven into 1,067,330 square feet of fabric, were recycled.

June 2005