Rieter Wins Award, Secures Orders, Upgrades Machinery

Rieter Textile Systems, Switzerland, received the International Cooperation Award for China
Textile Science and Technology, presented during the First China Textile Science and Technology
Congress, held recently in conjunction with the 2004 China International Textile Machinery
Exhibition (CITME) in Beijing. The award recognizes Rieter’s dedication and contribution to the
Chinese textile machinery industry. The company has a well-established presence in China and
maintains local headquarters in Shanghai.

In other company news, Rieter Filament Yarn Technologies, the company’s man-made fiber division,
has received machinery orders from two Belgium-based BCF manufacturers including Ideal Fibres and
Fabrics. Rieter developed custom BCF production machinery based on its BCF Pathfinder platform to
meet these companies needs. Rieter also announced it now offers U60 and U61 inverters for use with
all R 1 and R 20 rotor -spinning machines. The company reports the inverters protect the electronic
components from overload and prevent unnecessary shutoff of the machine.

Also, the inverters themselves cannot be damaged by overheating.Another upgrade involves
Rieter’s R 40 rotor-spinning machine, whose high-speed robots are now equipped with the VARIOclean
rotor-cleaning system and a new piecing system. VARIOclean features a targeted air jet that cleans
the rotors and offers a mechanical cleaning option for the rotor groove. The piecing system enables
nearly invisible piecings with high tenacity and requires fewer parameters for piecing adjustment,
according to Rieter. The company also reports the R 40 now can produce packages measuring up to 350
millimeters in diameter and weighing up to 6 kilograms at a delivery speed of up to 310 meters per

February 2005