Sultex Sells Machinery To Iranian, Turkish Weavers

Sultex Ltd., Switzerland, has received machinery orders from denim weavers in Iran and

Iran-based Zarjean ordered 60 Sulzer Textil G6500 rapier weaving machines for its Ilam plant in
western Iran. They will be used to weave high-quality, fancy denim fabrics.

“The outstanding performance and the high versatility of the G6500 together with the unbeatable
after-sales service of Sultex made it very easy to decide between several suppliers,” said S.M.
Behbahani, Zarjean’s owner.

High-quality denims are among the fabrics woven using Sultex’s G6500 and P7300 HP weaving

Two Turkish denim weavers have ordered a total of 106 Sulzer Textil P7300HP projectile weaving
machines. The machines will be installed in plants in eastern and central Turkey for the production
of high-quality, vintage and fancy denim.

According to Sultex, the P7300HP, introduced in May 2004, produces denim fabric with a compact,
uniform surface and a silky touch. The company also has received large orders for the machine from
manufacturers in Iran, Italy and Japan.

January 2005