Bruckner And M-tec Cooperate In The Field Of Carpet Finishing

Bruckner Trockentechnik GmbH and Co. KG and m-tec Textilmaschinen GmbH have decades of
international experience in the field of carpet finishing. Recently, both companies have agreed to
cooperate in the carpet domain.This cooperation offers the customers the advantage of a complete
solution with state-of-the-art technology from one single source for coating, drying and shearing
processes, since each company complements optimally the respective technological core competence of
the other partner – application and drying technology by Bruckner – shearing technology by

Often, this final finishing of carpets is carried out in a continuous operation inline. The size
of the particular finishing range depends on the necessary capacity. The modular layout of the
Bruckner dryer DUO-THERM allows the adaptation to any drying capacity. The same principle applies
to the number of shearing heads of m-tec TSH at different required machine speeds. The companies
have agreed on a worldwide cooperation in sales and planning. In addition, one of the companies
will assume the leadership in order processing until commissioning.

Press Release Courtesy of Bruckner and M-Tec

January 2005