Beeshop Unveils Conditioning System

Textile consultant Beeshop S.A., Argentina, says its recently patented loom and weaving room
conditioning system will increase loom productivity, reduce air contamination and save energy.

The system is appropriate for use related to products made from hydrophilic fibers such as
cotton or wool, and blends of such fibers with man-made fibers.

The company says an automatic warp yarn moistening device reduces yarn breaks, lint and dust
by adding moisture directly to the yarn and providing uniform warp moistening. A lint and dust
removal device placed on the loom reduces air contamination and eliminates the need to use
traveling cleaners. A loom heat removal device extracts heat from the oil sinks using oil/water
heat exchangers, removing 50 to 60 percent of the heat generated. The cooling water may be cooled
for recycling or used untreated for other operations. A plant’s central air-conditioning system can
be replaced with fan and coil units above the roof. These units direct cool, clean air on the
operator aisles and remove warm contaminated air over the looms. Beeshop says this configuration
combined with the lint and dust removal device reduces solids concentration in the air by 60 to 70

November 2004