US Trade Officials Visit RadiciSpandex

James Leonard III, deputy assistant secretary for textiles, apparel and consumer goods industries,
US Department of Commerce; and David Spooner, textile negotiator of the Executive Office of the
President, recently toured RadiciSpandex Corp.’s spandex fiber spinning plant in Tuscaloosa, Ala.,
at the Fall River, Mass.-based company’s invitation. Leonard and Spooner, joined by local trade
representatives and public officials, observed spandex manufacturing using state-of-the-art
automation technology, as well as new, ultra-fine-denier product advances and fiber chemistries
related to products such as the company’s S-45 spandex.


Left to right
: Alan Davis, vice president, industrial operations, RadiciSpandex; George Clark,
president, Manufacture Alabama!; Carl Jamison, vice chairman, Tuscaloosa County Industrial
Development Authority; David Spooner; Abiola Heyliger, trade policy analyst, textiles, Executive
Office of the President; James Leonard III; Dara Longgrear, executive director, Tuscaloosa County
Industrial Development Authority; and Ken Johnson, manufacturing manager, Tuscaloosa Plant,

“US manufacturers, like RadiciSpandex, are doing the right things: leveraging technology;
educating their work force; and investing wisely to remain competitive,” said Tuscaloosa County
Probate Judge Hardy McCollum. “We have focus and scale on our side,” said Bill Girrier, vice
president of marketing and sales, RadiciSpandex. “We and our customers have to produce innovative
quality products, at globally competitive prices, just in time and at low volumes because the easy
volume business has all gone to Asia. That means that we have had to become some pretty lean, mean
and agile specialists in a way. ”

October 2004