Karl Mayer Develops SMR-B Sizing Machine

Karl Mayer Rotal S.r.l., Italy, a subsidiary of Germany-based Karl Mayer Textilmaschinenfabrik
GmbH, has engineered the new SMR-B – (OH -) sizing machine, which features the MPC-PW prewetting
system. At just 2 meters long, the machine can carry out prewetting and sizing in a small space.
The unit features a linear roller arrangement for ease of use, quick loading, and easy correction
of yarn breaks or winds.

The MPC-PW prewetting unit features seven rollers.

The MPC-PW prewetting unit features seven rollers.One or two MPC units can be fitted on the
machine, depending on the number of yarns processed and the width of the machine. According to the
company, prewetting increases sizing performance and also reduces the hairiness of the yarns,
facilitating processing of more yarns.

During sizing, the yarn is dipped and squeezed twice to improve sizing agent adhesion and to
maximize yarn hairiness reduction. To ensure the yarns are treated as gently as possible, a guide
roller between the MPC prewetting unit and sizebox has been eliminated, and the number of rollers
on the MPC has been reduced from 13 to seven. The SMR-B – (OH -) can be computer-controlled and
monitored by touch-screen controls.

March 2004