WestPoint Stevens Realigns Capacity

WestPoint Stevens Inc., West Point, Ga., will close four plants and convert production at another
in an effort to improve production efficiency.

Citing consolidation within its Bath Products business, the company will close two older,
multi-level towel plants LaGrange, Ga.-based Dixie and Fairfax Greige, Valley, Ala., and move some
production equipment from these plants to its more efficient single-level Lanier-Carter complex in
Valley. Carter Plant was converted from sheeting to towel production in 2002, and WestPoint Stevens
now will convert Lanier Plant from sheeting to towel production also.

Dunson Plant, another older, multi-level facility in LaGrange, will be closed and production
moved to other, more modern Bed Products plants.In the Basic Bedding Division, Coushatta Plant,
Coushatta, La., will be closed. The company cited as reasons for the closing increased
manufacturing efficiencies at other Basic Bedding plants and the better geographic locations of
these other plants for its distribution system.

Approximately 975 associates will be laid off as a result of the realignment. However, the
changes also will create a limited number of new jobs at Carter Plant. The company will attempt to
place affected associates at other company facilities as well.

February 2004