ITMA 2003 Exceeds Expectations

ITMA 2003 Exceeds ExpectationsThe latest edition of ITMA exceeded the expectations of exhibitors
and visitors alike close to 125,000 visitors attended the eight-day exhibition. Orders were taken,
and talk on the show floor was upbeat and optimistic concerning show attendance and new
innovations.On average, close to 18,000 people visited ITMA at the National Exhibition Centre in
Birmingham, England each day. Half of the total number of visitors came from Europe; almost 25
percent came from Asia, Southeast Asia and the Middle East. Countries with the strongest visitor
showing were the United Kingdom, followed by Turkey, Germany, Italy, India, France and
Pakistan.According to the ITMA 2003 Organizing Committee, Weaving was the strongest sector,
followed by Spinning; and visitors to the Knitting sector reached the same numbers as ITMA 99, held
in Paris. Alberto M. Saachi, president of the Association of Italian Textile Machinery Producers
(ACIMIT), commented on the continuing relevance of the global textile machinery show. ITMA is still
perceived by exhibitors and visitors as the crucial sector trade fair and is still a byword for
success, also because of the considerable innovation of the products exhibited, Saachi said. This
is why ACIMIT will now work even harder so that the next edition, to be held in 2007 in Munich,
Germany, can once again be a not-to-be-missed opportunity for textile machinery manufacturers and
for textile operators the world over.Look for
Textile Worlds ITMA 2003 Flash Report in the November issue.
TW‘s December edition will focus on general highlights of the show. ITMA 2003 coverage
continues in 2004: January will focus on innovations in opening, blending, carding, spinning and
material handling; February will feature weaving preparation, weaving, knitting and nonwovens; and
March will highlight dyeing, printing, finishing and quality control developments.
November 2003