Fleissner Develops Carpet Backing Bonding Process

Fleissner DevelopsCarpet Backing Bonding ProcessGermany-based Fleissner GmbHandCo. has engineered
and patented a bonding process for carpets and other tufted materials based on its AquaJet
technology. The company reports the process produces a quality carpet and also aids recycling
efforts because no latex or chemicals are used.Fleissners process avoids the use of latex by using
spunlacing techniques to apply a nonwoven web to the tufted primary backing. A needling step then
is used to attach the secondary backing to the web. According to Fleissner, the process creates a
carpet with the desired bulk and dimensional stability.Depending on the weight of the secondary
backing, an alternative application method can be employed. For maximum bonding, Fleissner
recommends using a mixture of thermoplastic and non-thermoplastic fibers.
November 2003