Cotton Incorporated Offers CDs Cosponsors Cotton Days

Cotton Incorporated Offers CDs, Cosponsors Cotton DaysCotton Incorporateds New York City-based
Consumer Marketing Division has launched an interactive series of educational programs covering
knitting, weaving, and dyeing and finishing processes. The five programs, available on CD-ROM, are
funded in part by the Importer Support Program of the Cotton Board.

Cotton Incorporateds The Art of Knitting is part of a series of interactive educational
programs covering textile basics. Developed for sourcing professionals, the series illustrates the
transformation of raw cotton to fabric. Presentations include actual manufacturing operations, 3-D
animations, technical illustrations and a glossary of terms. The first two programs, The Art of
Knitting and The Science of Dyeing and Finishing, are now available. The Art of Weaving, Color
Science and The Art of Printing will be introduced later this year and in early 2004.In other news,
Cotton Incorporated and the Washington-based Cotton Council International (CCI) joined forces to
sponsor Cotton Days, a week of celebrations in Osaka, Japan; Seoul, South Korea; and Taipei,
Taiwan, designed to promote US cotton and Cotton USA licensee textile products in Asia.The event
first took place in 1995 in Japan with support from the Japan Spinners Association. That first
Cotton Day promoted Japanese cotton textiles and celebrated casual Fridays in the corporate
workplace. Cotton Incorporated and CCI later expanded the celebrations, bringing Cotton Day to
Taiwan in 2001 and to Seoul in 2002.
July 2003