Van De Wiele’s UCL83 Weaves Patterns And Textures

Belgium-based NV Michel Van de Wiele developed its Universal Cut and Loop UCL83 carpet weaving
machine to allow carpet manufacturers to create unique cut and loop patterns and textures using a
face-to-face machine. According to Van de Wiele, the UCL83 offers productivity rates up to six
times higher than conventional wire weaving machines.

Equipped with a four-position Multihook jacquard machine, profiled lancets and three rapiers,
the UCL83 can produce cut pile, short loops, long loops and flat-weave effects simultaneously. The
top and bottom rapiers insert the filling for the ground structure of each carpet. The middle
rapier is responsible for inserting a dummy filling between the lancets. Loops are formed around
the dummy filling, which is then removed. A knife cuts the working pile, creating cut-pile sections
as it separates the two carpets.

March 2003