Hubtex Warp Truck: 30 Years And Still Working

Spartanburg-based Hubtex of North America recently refitted a 30-year-old KHW T-500 warp truck.
Tweave Inc., Norton, Mass., originally ordered the truck from Hubtex in 1973.

“I remember when [the truck] was installed,” said Ted Smith, Hubtex engineer. “I was there.
Richard Nixon was president,” he said.

“Our maintenance staff replaced the old foot pump with a new hand pump,” said Chuck Holmes,
vice president, Hubtex. “That was all we did. Its good to go for another 30 years.”

Hubtex president Markus Heinis said he is happy, but not surprised to hear the warp truck is
still functioning after 30 years. The company claims to build its material handling equipment to
last and is pleased to have facts to back up that claim.

March 2003