Saurer Expands Suzhou Plant, Focuses Operations

The Saurer Group, Switzerland, has set up a new production facility in Suzhou, China, near
Shanghai. “With [this] factory we want to intensify our production in China, concentrate our
technological presence and thus achieve short distances to customers”, said Heinrich Fischer, CEO,
speaking at the opening ceremony. “Initially,” he added, “the facility will supply machinery and
equipment to the Chinese market, with plans to produce machine sub-assemblies and eventually
complete machines for the global market.”

Saurer also has moved production, sales and service of its covering machines from Hamel AG,
Switzerland, to Volkmann GmbH, Germany, and is concentrating twisting, cabling and covering machine
production at Saurer-Allma GmbH, Germany; Saurer Suzhou; and Volkmann.

February 2003