Fehrer To Debut DREF 3000 Yarn Puncher AT ITMA 2003

Textilmaschinenfabrik Dr. Ernst Fehrer® AG, Austria, will introduce two new machines this fall at
ITMA 2003 in Birmingham, England. The DREF® 3000 friction spinning machine is the latest model in
the companys DREF line. Designed to produce high-tenacity yarns for flame-resistant protective
apparel, upholstery, fiber composites, filters and other technical fabrics, the machine achieves
production speeds of up to 250 meters per minute, as well as reduced costs for yarn preparation and
maintenance, according to Fehrer. Touch-screen operation facilitates handling of yarn parameters,
PLC control and links to other computers. In addition, development continues using the DREF 3000 to
produce elastomeric-core yarns.

Spinning principle of Fehrer’s DREF® 3000 friction spinning machine

Fehrer reports its high-speed Yarn Puncher® finishes DREF-spun and other yarns to provide a
range of advantages and effects, including fixing thread twist and binding short cotton fibers in
mop yarns. In addition, multiple yarns can be punched together to achieve unique designs, and yarns
can be tacked onto substrates to produce design effects or improve technological parameters. The
machine also punches core yarns to secure the sheath and improve resistance to slippage.

February 2003