Textile Issues Left On Hold

As the 107th Congress goes forward with plans to adjourn this week, it will put off until next year
action on several issues of particular importance to the textile industry. Because Congress has
been unable to act on more than a dozen appropriations bills for next year, it will pass continuing
resolutions that will keep spending for virtually all government agencies at present levels. This
leaves up in the air what the government will spend on the research programs at the National
Textile Center and T2C2. The government programs likely will be continued, but the level will have
to be determined after Congress reconvenes in January.Congress also failed to complete action on a
Miscellaneous Trade and Technical Corrections Bill that provides for suspension or reduction of
duties on four types of textile machinery used by US mills, but that are not available from
domestic sources. The machines are certain ink jet and other textile printing equipment, and some
shuttle and shuttleless power looms.The legislation also would make technical corrections that
would clarify congressional intent regarding coverage of knit-to-shape items under the Caribbean
and Sub-Sahara Africa trade preference programs. Because several senators had problems with some
provisions of the bill, it will die and have to go through the entire legislative process next
November 2002