NTA Presses Bush Administration To Honor Commitments

NTA Presses BushAdministration To Honor CommitmentsThe newly formed National Textile Association
(NTA), Boston, is weighing in on the issue of fair trade for U.S. textiles. At the organizations
initial annual meeting September 22, NTAs Board of Directors issued a resolution entreating the
Bush administration to fulfill each of the commitments tendered to the U.S. textile industry in
December 2001.
(See Washington Outlook, TW, January 2002.) Noting the difficulties the industry faces as
a result of trade barriers established by China, India, Pakistan, Brazil and other countries, the
resolution further calls upon Congress and the administration to deny any further liberalization of
the U.S. textile and apparel market either through legislation and/or an executive branch
decision.Formed as a result of the merger of the Northern Textile Association and the Knitted
Textile Association, NTA represents more than 200 U.S. textile producers and suppliers
(See News, TW, September 2002).
November 2002