Cargill Dow And Fountain Set Announce Collaboration

Fountain Set Advances Development of PLA in Apparel Minneapolis November 4, 2002 Fountain Set and
Cargill Dow have teamed up to introduce more sustainable alternatives into the apparel market. The
companies are working together to offer a line of performance fabrics from PLA fibers renewable
resource-based fibers derived from crops like corn. The companies have signed a letter of intent to
launch the fabrics into the activewear market by first quarter 2003. PLA is a melt-spinnable resin
developed by Cargill Dow. It is created through a process where simple plant sugars can be used to
create a performance fiber product. The products offer a unique blend of performance properties and
a “natural” message. “Fountain Set is dedicated to furthering the development of sustainable
products,” said Mr. C. F. Ha, chairman and managing director for Fountain Set. “With PLA fibers we
will be able to offer the industry a line of fabrics that are more sustainable and offer the
performance expected in apparel.” “Our objectives are to continue expanding our products, without
losing sight of our belief in sustainability,” said Tim Eynon, general manager – fibers for Cargill
Dow. “Our relationship with Fountain Set meets those objectives and allows us to offer the industry
natural-based performance fabrics for apparel.” “Based on our founding principles of diligence,
frugality, sincerity, and integrity we at Fountain Set continue to develop new markets and products
in order to achieve long-term growth. PLA is an ideal addition to our product line,” said Mr. Ha.
Having built a reputation for their dedication to the environment, Fountain Sets systems allow for
more sustainable processing including azo-free dyes and extensive wastewater treatment facilities.
Additionally, Forbes Global Magazine has recognized them as one of the best 200 small companies in
the world in 2002. Fountain Set (Holdings) Limited, a publicly listed company in Hong Kong and
founded in 1969 is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of knitted fabrics in the world
with an annual turnover in 2001 of over US$570 million and an annual fabric production capacity of
220 million pounds. The company operates with a high level of vertical integration in
manufacturing, encompassing yarn spinning, fabric knitting, sewing thread, yarn and fabric dyeing,
fabric printing and garment making. Founded in 1997, Cargill Dow LLC is based in Minnetonka, Minn.
It is the first company to offer its customers a family of polymers derived entirely from annually
renewable resources with the cost and performance necessary to compete with packaging materials and
traditional fibers. The company has achieved this breakthrough by applying its unique technology to
the processing of natural plant sugars to create a proprietary polylactide polymer (PLA).