Congressman Introduces Bill To Combat Textile Import Fraud

Rep. Robin Hayes (R-NC) has introduced legislation in Congress designed to strengthen the
governments ability to combat illegal textile transshipments, smuggling and other types of fraud.
The bill would authorize increased staffing at the U.S. Customs Service that would enable that
agency to improve its inspection and record-keeping ability. It also would increase penalties for
fraud and reduce Customs ability to unilaterally reduce or waive penalties for illegal textile
trade. Inspectors would be directed to spend more effort looking at container traffic, particularly
goods going to Mexico and Canada under the governments “in transit program. There is not likely to
be any action on the bill since Congress is in recess until Nov. 12 when it will return for a “lame
duck” session. At that time, it will concentrate on appropriation bills and other high priority
legislation. However, the bill is another expression of congressional interest in getting Customs
to do a more effective job of policing illegal textile trade.
October 2002