Atlas Updates Abrasion And Wear Instrument

Atlas UpdatesAbrasion And Wear InstrumentChicago-based Atlas Material Testing Technology LLC has
updated its Universal Wear Tester (UWT) because its original mechanical design contributed to high
levels of variation between laboratories. ASTM International organized a consortium of 17 companies
and trade organizations that funded research to determine causes for the variability. Differences
were seen in specimen positioning, non-uniform tensioning and alignment of the reciprocating
table.Based on the research results, ASTM recommended Atlas replace the current cam system with
grips and a pressure pin to improve tensioning, and add a centering mechanism for improved specimen
alignment. Atlas went one step further and also added digital controls for accurate cycle counting
and timing, an improved air-injection system for more uniform inflation of the diaphragm and a
reciprocating table home position for repeatable test starts.The UWT performs a range of tests,
including surface abrasion, frosting, edge wear, and flex and fold abrasion tests on woven,
knitted, pile, nonwoven and coated fabrics.
October 2002