TYAA Celebrates 30th Anniversary

TYAA Celebrates30th AnniversaryFiber producers, texturing companies and suppliers to the textured
yarn sector all were on hand to celebrate the Textured Yarn Association of Americas (TYAA) 30th
anniversary during its Summer Conference in Myrtle Beach, S.C. Invited speakers covered a range of
topics. Keynote speaker Mary ORourke, Jassin-ORourke Group, provided an overview of global sourcing
dynamics and compared costs of sourcing from the Caribbean Basin Initiative (CBI) region to those
from China. ORourke said U.S. apparel firms should further develop full-package sourcing in the CBI
region currently the number-one source of apparel sold in the United States. She compared cash-flow
benefits in CBI transactions with Asian dealings. ORourke also noted apparel brand managers are
increasingly techno-savvy. Therefore, U.S. manufacturers must promote the value-added qualities of
their products with downstream retailers/consumers.Alasdair Carmichael, Carmichael International,
and TYAA vice president, publicity, noted increased texturing machinery sales to China and the
growth of Chinas domestic machinery manufacturing base. Carmichael also said a dramatic increase in
textured yarn imports since quotas were dropped January 1 and increased domestic output indicate
overall U.S. consumption has grown. While exports are down from 2001, he predicted these markets
will open up as the dollar drops in value. He stressed the need for the U.S. textile industry to
follow the examples of the European and Japanese textile industries and focus on specialty products
to improve its competitive position.Allison Carwile-Wilson, Carwile-WilsonandAssociates, addressed
the need for companies and their personnel to use one another as resources to survive todays
challenges.Nylstars presentation of its Meryl® nylon included a fashion show offering a range of
styles using the fiber. Other presentations covered elastomeric yarn testing, automatic vision
inspection and the use of polypropylene in textured yarn. TYAA also elected officers for 2002-2003
(See People,
TW, this issue) and launched its new website, www.tyaa.org, with member login access
enabling on-line payment of dues and conference registration fees.
September 2002