PROESA Launches El Salvador Works

Proesa Launches”El Salvador Works”PROESA, El Salvadors investment promotion agency, has launched El
Salvador Works, a campaign to attract foreign investors in the manufacturing, textiles and apparel,
agribusiness, call center and electronics sectors.International companies such as Sara Lee Corp.,
Fruit of the Loom, Grupo Calvo, Telefa de Esapa44; AES, and France Telecom already have invested
more than $500 million dollars in El Salvador in the last two years. Fifteen percent of the
countrys total employment is a result of foreign investments such as these, with the United States
accounting for approximately 60 percent of these investments.Referring to a recent visit to El
Salvador, David F. Dyer, president andCEO, Lands End, Dodgeville, Wis., said,We came we saw and we
were very impressed. We found a very favorable business environment, good infrastructure,
high-quality factories and, most important, wonderful people.
August 2002