Peter Dornier Owner Of Lindauer Dornier Passes Away

Peter Dornier, Owner OfLindauer Dornier, Passes AwayDipl. Ing. Peter Dornier passed away at his home in Lindau, Germany, on January 28, 2002. He was 85. Dornier was the sole owner of Lindauer Dornier GmbH, the largest producer of weaving machines in Germany.Dornier was the second son of aircraft pioneer Dr. Claude Dornier. He began his career in 1944 as anairplane design engineer in his fathers company.For his achievement in design, he received, along with other leading engineers, the 1943 Trophy of Honor of the Carl-Lilienthal-Association of Aeronautics, Germany.Dornier established Lindauer GmbH in 1950. In the early 1960s, Dornier started a second manufacturing program consisting of specialty machinery for the textile and plastic foil industries.Dornier also found time to develop 50 patents that were registered in his own name.In 1978, he expanded the company with the founding of the American Dornier Machinery Corp. in Charlotte, N.C.In 1985, Daimler Benz AG acquired majority ownership of the Dornier group of companies, with Dornier taking full ownership of Lindauer Dornier GmbH.In 1986, he created the Peter Dornier Trust Fund, a benefactor to social and environmental improvements in the community.After 50 years as head of the company, Dornier handed over management of the company to his son, Peter D. Dornier, at the beginning of 2001.March 2002